Imagine the possibilities

What if you could look inside a company and see all of the employees relevant to you?
…..and be able to contact them

Case Study


Our client, a global IT company was looking to significantly expand its financial services market share. They needed to increase their Pre-Sales headcount as well as recruiting a number of Systems Engineers and Solutions Architects. The client had identified a number of companies who were likely to have candidates with the specific skill sets and backgrounds required but were having difficulty engaging using traditional methods such as LinkedIn. Given the strategic imperative and degrading time scales our client decided to deploy TalentMap in order to expedite the sourcing process.


3 companies were mapped to identifiy Pre-sales and technical structure including management and reporting lines 43 Pre-Sales candidate data including Name, Location, Email, Telephone number & Account alignment 21 System Engineers 10 solution Architects Prescreened candidates were delivered to the clients internal recruitment team who managed all engagement


First stage interviews scheduled within one week of receiving TalentMap data Offers and acceptances completed within 40 days of project commencement Full headcount objective achieved to allow implementation of go to market plan
TalentMap provides a flexible solution to talent sourcing allowing you to map out as little or as much as you need as and when you need it.

Because we don’t perform the recruiting function there are no additional fees or hidden costs.

TalentMap is project based so you can turn our resource on or off according to your needs.

TalentMap is completely holistic and doesn’t conflict with your internal recruitment teams.

The data we provide is yours, import it into your own systems and use it as you want…simple.

Spend less time resourcing and more time focused on

Customise your mapping with a huge range of options
……just tell us what you need

Imagine competitive edge

Win more business with TalentMap
Imagine that you are looking to increase penetration into a particular account, or maybe win a new logo If you had access to the contact details of every single person aligned to this account amongst your competitors and other key suppliers would that help?
Map the people infrastructure of your target customers
Allow your salespeople to navigate through an organisation faster and target the right people first time.