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Providing the tools and expertise to define and adapt company culture, EmployBull guides implementation of the strategy and tactics necessary to build a fully diverse and inclusive workforce that identifies your organisation as an employer of choice, both internally and to your external talent pool.
We work closely with all levels of management and staff, acting as mentors and facilitators to align workplace behaviours and practises that deliver greater productivity and profitability, increased agility and improved ROI.

Our EmployBull five-point model strips right back to your roots, identifying and overcoming sticking points to enable, retain and attract top talent:

(Re) define your culture

We get right under the skin of company culture to review alignment to strategic objectives. Once this process is complete, we facilitate workshops and mentoring sessions across all management and staff teams to redefine culture, mission and goals as required and to commit to timescales and outcomes.

Did you Know?

72% of candidates say it’s important to see details about company culture in job descriptions

Embedding Diversity & Inclusion

We know that embracing Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) drives success. It makes for a happier, more creative and attractive place to work. The Deloitte report, Diversity and Inclusion Revolution, found that organisations with inclusive cultures are six times more likely to be innovative and agile – seeing more angles on potential problems, building smarter and creative solutions and having awareness of the biases in their products and services. Done properly, D&I really is a no brainer when it comes to enhancing productivity and recruiting the very best. We sit it at the heart of our agenda, challenging our partners to commit to organisational values and practices that are welcoming, transparent, accessible and truly diverse.

Did you Know?

Companies in the top quartile for both racial and ethnic diversity are 35% more likely to have financial returns that exceed their national industry averages. For companies in the top quartile for gender diversity this is 15% (Diversity Matters, McKinsey) Companies with an above average diversity have 19% higher innovation revenues and 9% higher EBIT margins (Harvard Business Review)

Effecting change

Once we have nailed our culture and embedded your Diversity & Inclusion policies and practices, we will guide you in delivering real, tangible change throughout your organisation. Our Change Management Programme uses a variety of highly regarded models and tools, applying a structured approach that addresses the four core principles required to bring about successful organisational change.

We work closely with you as partners to navigate and facilitate through each stage. Understand, Plan, Implement, and Communicate is a tailored programme that supports management and employees to agree and measure against success criteria, map and identify stakeholders, identify training needs and appoint dedicated ‘change agents’ tasked with adopting and rolling out new working practices.


Now this is the really exciting step where you get to realise the true potential of your existing teams using a three-pronged approach to introduce PSP, facilitated by EmployBull.  

Employing a range of workshop, coaching and training techniques, we work with your sales management team and your salesforce to embed practises, equipping managers with the skills to implement and empower, and to secure buy-in and commitment to the approach from your sales team.

Once complete, we are on hand to provide ongoing support, mentoring and re-training where necessary.

Talent Acquisition

We identify talent acquisition as the fifth and final step of the jigsaw when seeking to improve your productivity and acquire top talent. Having put the groundwork in place to optimise existing skills and identify gaps, we work holistically with your recruiting managers to uncover hidden and hard to find talent with the right blend of experience and transferable skills for the role.

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Did you Know?

The majority of contractors have more than two months left on their contracts. Planning forward and galvanising the passive talent pool is critical to business sustainability.

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